Rave Safety Gateway

Rave Safety Gateway

Patients live in the modern world. We think their safety data should, too.

Nothing is more important than patient safety. But patient safety data management seems to have been left far behind. Paper forms and unreliable faxes are clunky, costly, and error-prone, which puts patients at risk. With Rave Safety Gateway, the capture, tracking, and transmission of data is completely automated. That means fewer errors, more safety, and a lot less wasted time.

Your trial team is about to have a lot more time on their hands.

Features and Benefits

Reduce Risk

Significantly reducing manual reconciliation significantly reduces the chance for error, while streamlined, automated regulatory transmissions keep you ahead of deadlines and compliance requirements. Because Rave Safety Gateway is part of the Medidata Cloud, all of your data is kept current, centralized, and secure in one manageable system.

Save Time

Retire the fax machine. Get off the paper trail. Your team can protect patient safety and keep compliant with far less time and effort. Our customers’ repeat use of Rave Safety Gateway is nearly 100%. Once trial teams discover its ease and efficiency, they never look back—turns out they have plenty of other important things to do with their time.

Save Money

Rave Safety Gateway unites multiple events into single safety cases and provides direct access from the safety system to Rave forms and to regulatory agencies, so you can save labor cost and free up staff time for greater overall trial efficiency.

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