Our Response to Ukrainian-Russian Conflict

UPDATED: April 11, 2022

The human tragedy in Ukraine resonates with our entire company, and we stand in solidarity with the people of that brave nation. Many people at Medidata and our parent company, Dassault Systèmes, have deep personal, professional, and family bonds with Ukraine. We truly wish for a swift, peaceful resolution to the horrific conflict.  

Our mission is to help our customers deliver breakthrough therapies and devices into the hands of all people, and it is heartbreaking to see the violence and destruction create unacceptable obstacles to healthcare access for all.

Our Actions

Dassault Systèmes suspended its business operations in Russia as of March 7, 2022.

Medidata has no technology infrastructure in Ukraine or Russia; however, we recognize our technology is deployed in those regions to support ongoing clinical research.

Medidata’s technology governance framework includes preventive and detective controls governing access and vulnerability management. Medidata’s technology infrastructure continues to operate as designed. As we continuously monitor and evaluate the controls landscape, we will implement changes as and when necessary.

Supporting Customers, Supporting Patients

Medidata is ready to help minimize the challenges as they emerge, including implementing manual processes for affected customers, alternative technologies and other solutions, where possible. In addition, if there is a need to temporarily transition or halt research at any site within the region, Medidata can assist in ensuring that the site is properly locked and previously captured data integrity is maintained.

Customers operating in Ukraine and Russia can expect ongoing disruption to power, network and cellular infrastructure. In addition, there is a distinct likelihood of the Russian Federation disconnecting from the public internet in the coming days.

Fulfillment of eCOA (electronic clinical outcome assessment) devices for Ukraine, Belarus and the Russian Federation is suspended for the time being; our Professional Services and eCOA teams are partnering with impacted customers to discuss and implement workarounds where relevant and necessary. When safe and effective shipping/delivery services become available, we will resume normal operations.

Our payment partner, iiPay, has been affected by sanctions against the Ukrainian provinces of Donetsk and Luhansk, the Russian Federation and Belarus. As of the moment, payments to those regions are on hold; payments can be canceled at our customers’ discretion. We are working with iiPay to find alternative solutions to help our customers continue operations.

Maintaining Privacy and Security

The global cybersecurity landscape – already complex and hostile – has become more so over the last four weeks. In addition, it appears that the Russian Federation is potentially isolating itself from the balance of the internet. Finally, large attacks against the backbone of the Internet are possible; these attacks were tested by groups associated with the RF in 2019 and 2020.

As there are multiple facets to this segregation, we have a number of options that can be pursued in the event that Russia decides to further isolate itself including alternative routing, VPNs and other processes which can help maintain business continuity in the impacted regions. 

With respect to the increased threats by cyberwarfare due to the conflict, our best-in-class Unified Protection Strategy continues to defend our customers against those who would do them harm. Details on these practices are on our Trust site, along with independent assessments of the integrity of the practices, our configurations and incident response programs.

We remain ready and available to help our customers with maintaining their trials. Despite the conflict our availability commitments remain in place in order to support the delivery of treatment to all patients, regardless of location or nationality.

Any immediate account specific matters should be directed to your Professional Services or account representative.

We remain committed to supporting all those affected by these terrible events. We continue to hope for peace and for everyone to have access to the care they need.