[APAC] Rave Companion Demo Video

Rave Companion Demo Video

Capture EHR Data into Rave EDC in a Few Clicks

For years, site personnel have manually re-entered data from other systems into electronic data capture (EDC) software. They open a form in the EDC system, minimize it, and then hunt for the data in their Electronic Health/Medical Record (EHR/EMR) or other systems. Then they return to the EDC system and manually enter the data into the form. There’s too much back and forth, typing, and errors, resulting in more queries to be resolved. Worst of all, the site could be spending this time on other clinical or patient care activities.

Rave Companion reduces data entry efforts for your clinical trial sites by making it simpler and faster to get source data from EHR and other systems into Rave EDC. Rave Companion reduces the time sites spend keying in data and resolving queries so they can spend more time with their patients, and it reduces errors, resulting in higher quality data faster.

Download our latest Demo Video and to see how Medidata Rave EDC, Rave Companion solutions work under an all-in-one unified system.