[APAC] Next-Gen Lab Informatics Part 1: Transforming Research with New ELN Technologies

On-demand Webinar

As most labs have moved away from paper record-keeping, electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) have become the de facto solution for storing experimental data. But scientists are realizing that an ELN can be much more than just a repository for unstructured experimental records, and are using ELNs as both the core repository for project knowledge, and the starting point for a myriad of workflows.

Additionally, the different requirements from research to process development and QA/QC have often led to the use of different ELNs across these domains in a single company. But the increased flexibility of a Next-Gen ELN means a single solution can be used across the product development lifecycle, ensuring consistency in data and enabling greater collaboration. Now watch our webinar to learn how the Next-Gen ELN can:

  • Evaluate next-gen ELN for early life sciences research labs
  • Generate research efficiency by centralizing knowledge in an easily-searchable repository
  • Leverage contextual research information by parameterizing ELN data


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