Rave eConsent

Rave eConsent

Get electronic consent, because paper consent is no longer enough.

eConsent is an innovative, regulatory-compliant, patient-friendly, electronic consent system for clinical trials. eConsent automates the patient enrollment process and onboard patients directly into Rave EDC, improving overall consent tracking management, reducing informed consent errors, and easing the administrative burden for sites and study teams. It also enhances the patient experience with easy-to-understand clinical trial information while improving participant compliance and boosting patient engagement.

Improve patient recruitment and reduce drop-out rates.

Why Rave eConsent?

Speeds Start-up and Studies

Speed start-up and studies from months to weeks using eConsent that integrates with Rave EDC, RTSM, and eCOA for a single-site experience. Facilitates guaranteed signature compliance, remote consent monitoring, and site screening metrics with the flexibility to meet global requirements. eConsent has localization capabilities that can be configured for multiple languages and regulatory environments.

Learn About the Benefits of Using eConsent in a Blood Collection Study

Getting the most out of Medidata Clinical Cloud with eConsent

One data source for all your studies, enabled by Rave EDC, Imaging, eConsent, and eCOA

Capture more objective, timely data from any data sources, clinical or non-clinical, onto our Medidata Clinical Cloud platform to create a single source of truth for all your data sources. One platform eliminates duplicate data entry, multiple data migrations, and harmonization efforts, enabling quality data capture and consistency in real time. By unifying data and workflows for an entire study onto one platform, you can start your study faster, streamline execution with cleaner data, eliminate unnecessary reconciliation efforts, and ultimately close out faster. Your study teams can make better-informed decisions and glean insights faster.

Site Activation, enabled by Site Grants, CTMS, and eTMF.

The Rave Clinical Cloud platform automates and regulates your site activation process to accelerate document review, increase transparency between business partners, and ensure compliance. With Site Grants, you can drive faster negotiations with fair market value (FMV) pricing. Our eConsent tool helps you reduce the risk of multiple consent versions through approval. Manage approvals and site activation checklists in CTMS and eTMF.

Start studies faster with randomization you can trust, enabled by Rave eConsent, Rave EDC, and Rave RTSM.

Patients are auto-enrolled and consented using eConsent and randomized using RTSM in a single platform. Randomization criteria is captured in Rave EDC,which helps to automatically determine if and when a patient should be randomized, eliminates the need for multiple data entry, and ensures the right treatment is delivered to the right patient at the right time.

Co-founder Glen de Vries gives a tour of the Medidata ecosystem in this demo video