myMedidata Clinical Trial Patient Registries

myMedidata Clinical Trial Patient Registries

Transforming Awareness, Access, and Retention of Patients in Clinical Trials

myMedidata Registries expands patient participation from a single trial transaction to pre-and post-trial engagement, resulting in a community of educated, empowered and engaged patients. Sponsors drastically reduce trial enrollment times by providing patients with education and communications pre-trial to learn more about new research opportunities and referrals to study sites. Post-trial patient engagement enables long term follow-up, enhanced safety monitoring and gathering of new clinical insights, resulting in improved experiences including patient-centered innovations such as patient data return.

Everlasting Engagement on One Patient Portal for Life

myMedidata provides patients with continuous support in and out of a study with access to one portal for all of their clinical trial needs. Learn why we created myMedidata Registries on the myMedidata patient portal and hear from patients why there’s a growing need for registries.

Looking to Accelerate Recruitment Timelines?

Learn how myMedidata Registries helps you accelerate recruitment timelines by building a global community of patients who have already shown an interest in participating in clinical trials.


myMedidata is a single-destination patient portal built on the industry-leading Rave EDC. Once a patient creates a myMedidata account, his/her myMedidata ID remains constant, reducing patient burden and optimizing participant experiences.

Built for Patients by Patients

myMedidata Registries is designed for patients by patients, in partnership with Medidata’s Patient Insights team. Medidata’s team of dedicated advocates uses the Patient Centricity by Design (PCbD) process to create technical solutions that improve the overall patient experience in clinical research interactions. The PCbD initiative was named the first-place winner at the 2021 SCOPE Participant Engagement Awards.

The Value of myMedidata Registries


Transforms the clinical trial experience by extending patient engagement pre-trial and post-trial with patient-centered communications and alerts, trial and site matching, registry data capture, patient data return and long term follow up/safety surveillance, all on one myMedidata patient portal for life.


Enables proactive pre-trial outreach to patients and expedites the clinical trial with sponsor-driven communications, referrals to study sites, and surveys to gather insights for protocol feasibility. Extends patient engagement post-trial with long term follow up, safety surveillance and notifications of future clinical trial opportunities.


Built on Rave EDC, used by more sites worldwide, myMedidata Registries improves patient referrals, experiences and retention, facilitating improved relationship management among study, sites and patients.