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Medidata Acorn AI Commercial Data Solutions Supports 40% of US Drug Launches through June 2021

Oct 11, 2021 - 3 min read
Medidata Acorn AI Commercial Data Solutions Supports 40% of US Drug Launches through June 2021

Specialty Therapy Drug Launches Require Special Attention

Specialty therapies often come with a complex treatment regimen that requires a significant amount of data management expertise to maximize product and patient success. Managing data from sources like patient support services, medical claims, electronic medical records (EMR), de-identified protected health information (PHI), marketing, and real-world data (RWD) is a challenging activity to undertake. Specialty therapies require a reliable solution that coordinates, ingests, cleans, and delivers insights using data from numerous sources to get patients on therapy quickly and maximize medication adherence.

Complicating matters is the often “messy” and inconsistent state that this data is delivered in. Manufacturers choose partners to support their commercial data management needs. If these partners are not experts in the unique aspects of the pharma data ecosystem, then data quality will undoubtedly suffer. Multiple functions, from market access and medical affairs to commercial operations and sales, use this data to guide how they react to real-world launch dynamics.

Track Record of Commercial Launch Success

In the past three years, Medidata Acorn AI Commercial Data Solutions has been the commercial data management partner for 15 newly launched brands, making it the preferred solution for commercialization in the industry. In fact, over 40% of first-time US launchers chose the Medidata Acorn AI platform to support their commercialization efforts as of June 2021 (not including launches for diagnostics or established pharma).

Acorn AI has made significant investments in the technology that powers such rapid and successful deployments, and it’s paying off. Acorn AI’s 300 data adapters and its commercial data model speed up ingestion and validation processes from days to hours and transform bespoke data integration practices into simple mapping exercises. These innovations afford Acorn AI a marked degree of consistency when implementing systems and delivering insights.

Commercial Launch During COVID-19

COVID-19 imposed substantial challenges on many biopharma companies for both conducting clinical trials and their commercialization efforts. Acorn AI’s commercial data model is designed to be flexible, adaptable, and scalable in the face of such challenges. It can be implemented quickly, set-up from anywhere, and accounts for every launch scenario imaginable—from over-the-counter medicines to specialty prescriptions.

All but one of the brands that entered the market during the pandemic that Acorn AI Commercial Data Solutions supported was a specialty product. Specialty brands often require additional investments in data and analytics to support patient access and adherence. Considering specialty products are often more expensive, require greater education, and may require special administration, the right data at the right time can play a significant role in product adoption.

Acorn AI deployed all of its implementations in 2020 and 2021 remotely, ahead of schedule, and on budget. The implementations ran the gamut of therapeutic areas, including oncology, genetic, neurology, infectious, and rare. Acorn AI’s technological philosophy and component-based platform allowed the team a lot of flexibility with implementations. Many customers launching their first product are faced with limited budgets and infrastructures still in flux. These factors challenge any commercial build, but are especially difficult for teams during a pandemic. This is where a trusted partner and proven technology make all the difference—instantly expanding capabilities and efficiencies.

“We consider Medidata Acorn AI technology to be the cornerstone of our digital commercial analytics platform. This helped us maintain a lean infrastructure and better understand our business,” says Mickey Baker, Head of U.S. Market Access & Operations at EUSA Pharma. “Medidata Acorn AI Commercial Data Solutions worked as a trusted extension of our team, not only from a technological viewpoint, but for their data expertise as well.”

One Shot at Success

After all the expensive R&D and extensive clinical trials, it’s our job to keep commercial teams on schedule for launch, so life-saving drugs hit the market when they’re supposed to. For people with serious diseases, data may not be the most exciting thing to talk about. But by keeping a drug launch on schedule, you help new drugs get into the hands of the people and caregivers who need them. More often than not, you only get one shot at this type of success. Medidata Acorn AI Commercial Data Solutions makes sure you are ready.

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