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Sustainable Solutions for Our Planet & People | Medidata Sustainability Series

Oct 03, 2022 - 3 min read
Sustainable Solutions for Our Planet & People | Medidata Sustainability Series

The Medidata mission is to power smarter treatments and healthier people. And our sustainability initiatives are directly tied to this purpose. Medidata and our parent company, Dassault Systèmes, are committed to promoting better health while reducing environmental footprints. We champion decentralized technologies that make clinical trials more efficient while preserving time and resources. And we set ambitious goals that push us to build a sustainable and inclusive future.

A sustainable company is the foundation for change—a catalyst that directly impacts the planet and its people to better the world.

Sustainable Company

Sustainability means creating healthy environments—not just ecologically, but also socially and economically. In order to do this, companies must make sustainable initiatives not only a priority, but a part of who they are at the core. Medidata’s commitment to sustainability is measurable across our products, offices, and business practices.

Together, Medidata and Dassault Systèmes set emission reduction targets approved by Science-Based Targets initiatives and submit annual assessments to the Carbon Disclosure Report. The companies are targeting the year 2040 to reach carbon neutrality—meaning residual emissions will be balanced by carbon neutrals.

Medidata is also committed to creating sustainable office spaces, with the goal that 90% of long-term office leases across America be Green Building Council LEED Gold Certified. As an Energy Star-rated company, our Frankfurt data center runs on 100% renewable energy and our Houston data center is LEED certified. We also reuse and recycle IT waste to extend device lifecycles and reduce waste associated with device disposal. Learn more about Medidata’s sustainability efforts.


“Making sure our business is healthy means having and sustaining the right company culture; it’s about reflecting our dedication to helping important new treatments get to market faster, safer, and with less environmental impact.”

– Edward Ford, Senior Director, Client Engagement, Medidata, a Dassault Systèmes Company


Sustainable Planet

Medidata products are powering decentralization across the life sciences industry; this accelerates the potential of life-saving drugs to reach the market and get into the hands of patients. But clinical trial decentralization also cuts down on carbon emissions and waste.

The traditional clinical trial model requires lengthy travel (increasing carbon dioxide emissions), paper diaries to capture patient data (increasing waste), and the use of multiple devices to log personal data (increasing energy use). Decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) have a tangible impact on reducing carbon footprints and saving energy.

DCTs encourage participants to engage in remote clinical trials as opposed to traveling to sites. Running DCTs on a single, unified platform limits the need for multiple devices, and patient data is captured electronically to save paper and limit waste. Not only are decentralized trials patient-centric solutions—they are also sustainable solutions. Learn more about how decentralized trials improve global health.


“The average trial participant spends about two hours driving to their test site…but with DCTs, so much of that travel is unnecessary. This can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide produced in the name of clinical research.”

– Kelly McKee, Vice President, Patient Registries & Recruitment, Medidata, a Dassault Systèmes Company


Sustainable People

Life sciences means helping people live healthier lives. And not only do decentralized clinical trials reduce pollution and energy usage, but they also promote diversity in clinical trials. People of all ethnicities, ages, genders, and socioeconomic statuses must be represented in clinical research. This information is critical to make sure new therapies are as safe and effective as possible for everyone.

Patient-centric solutions help serve underrepresented communities through data analytics, tools that increase trial accessibility, and better patient education. Broader patient representation is necessary, and Medidata supports this call not just through our products, but also through our alliances. Our Diversity in Clinical Trials Steering Committee and our work with the Lazarex Cancer Foundation and Tu Salud Tu Familia are important initiatives that promote patient-centric technology to help bridge the diversity gap in clinical trials.

This diversity-conscious approach extends to Medidata workplaces around the world. Our business resource groups (BRGs) accentuate our company’s diverse perspectives and highlight current team members. Medidata Out, Women in Technology, Black Employees at Medidata, and Veterans are just some of Medidata’s BRGs. Learn more about Medidata’s commitment to diversity.


“By helping move clinical trials to increased decentralization, we are making them more accessible to many people, including those who have been underrepresented or marginalized in clinical research for far too long.”

– Linda Hassan, Global Vice President, Equity and Inclusion, Medidata, a Dassault Systèmes Company


Looking Forward

Medidata—together with Dassault Systèmes—strives to simultaneously improve the health of people while lessening the impact on the planet. There’s been much progress, but there’s more work to be done. The goal of 90% LEED Gold Certified office spaces, the road to carbon neutrality by 2040, and the continual quest to improve and retain diverse workplaces are all part of the same calling: to enhance global health and wellbeing in every sense.

See the 2021 Dassault Systèmes sustainability report to learn more.

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