The Future of Clinical Operations Excellence with CTMS

The Future of Clinical Operations Excellence with CTMS

Hear from Medidata’s Lisa Moneymaker, SVP Clinical Operations Technologies, as she discusses Medidata’s vision of the future of clinical operations excellence — the pillars of which are integrated workflows, real-time data and actionable insights.

To share just a few excerpts from Lisa’s presentation:

“All the different patient-centric technologies are now coming to bear. Technologies that bring a tremendous amount of data to market but what do you do with that?  Making sense of all of this data is hard.  Let’s not sugar coat what this means.”

“Platform capabilities are table stakes. What other technology vendors can’t bring is the depth of the data and the insights into that data.  Data in. Insights out.”

“In truth, what we have been doing is preparing for the future of clinical trials.  That means taking the data that we have from 20 years of historic Rave study conduct and marrying that with the future of where data is going to be.”