Sensor Cloud Network

Medidata Sensor Cloud Network

Unleashing the Potential of Human-Data Connections

Sensor Cloud Network fosters industry-wide collaboration amongst CROs, sensor and connected device manufacturers, sponsors, analytic companies, and academia focused on solving challenges related to sensor integrations, standardization of sensor data, and the development of digital biomarkers and algorithms.  

Our Network provides cutting edge tools, technology and training to enable the discovery and delivery of third-party algorithms at scale, leading to new breakthroughs in advancing the understanding of disease progression, which in turn will help to drive the development of more effective treatments for patients.

Taking a Fresh Approach to Sensor Integration, Ingestion and Analysis

See how the Sensor Cloud Network is reinventing clinical development through technology, innovation, and collaboration.

Why Join the Sensor Cloud Network?

Faster Integrations

Simplify the integration model and deployment process for digital health technologies by collaborating with developers and innovators on new solutions spanning technologies, content, guidance and methodologies.

Greater Visibility and Impact

Sensor Cloud Network provides a centralized, secure repository to upload and test code while providing opportunities to evaluate algorithms across a variety of datasets spanning multiple therapeutic areas. Expand your impact and exposure with commercial opportunities via our licensing model for commercial use of exploratory and validated algorithms.

Expertise and Access

Collaborate with industry experts focused on addressing challenges related to the standardization of sensor data and the discovery of digital biomarkers and new digital endpoints. Create new sensor integration models while developing new algorithms to support the generation of real-world evidence through deeper insights and more robust, objective data.

Join the Medidata Sensor Cloud Network

Work with the brightest minds in data to collaborate, share, and solve.

Medidata’s new Network connects top innovators for data sharing, self-service sensor integration, digital biomarker development, and collaboration. You will have access to cutting edge tools, technology & training to enable discovery & delivery of 3rd party algorithms at scale.

Enter the Hackathon Challenge

The Hackathon Challenge is an early program of the Sensor Cloud Network intended to mobilize the brightest minds in academia around critical industry challenges related to sensor data. Leverage our data set to develop new and innovative solutions to help reduce patient burden while advancing the development of better, more effective treatments.

Winners will be announced on December 17, 2021! Prizes include the opportunity to co-author a white paper, co-present at an industry conference and/or webinar related to the results, and an internship at Medidata.

To apply and learn more, please complete this application.