Information Technology

Reduce IT complexity and transform your business with a unified technology platform

The role of a CIO and of the larger IT organization has evolved tremendously over the past decade. Today it’s more about how to drive innovation and new business using data and technology. Successful IT leaders can provide access to this data and help unlock its value to drive insights faster, and ultimately provide better patient and business outcomes. 

Medidata can help reduce IT complexity and transform your business to drive growth through digital transformation and innovation, run faster and high quality studies, and scale while managing costs. Explore this page further to learn how.

Enable fit-for-purpose data with MEDS, the foundation of Medidata's unified platform

To make data truly liquid across research, supply chain, manufacturing, and commercial, Medidata is bringing together operational, financial, and patient data sources in a seamless way to drive outcomes and disease-specific integrated patient experience. The platform can integrate multiple learnings from the thousands of patient datasets you already have within your organization. Medidata’s unified platform will serve to create a seamless experience, accelerate trials, and help patients.

Deliver faster, high quality trials with Medidata’s one-of-a-kind data fabric

Every hour, across the 5000+ trials running on the Medidata platform, we serve 1M+ requests, 7.5K user sessions, 275K+ CRF page requests, 145K+ web service calls, and receive 45K+ images. We have the experience of working with 17,000+ studies, 660,000+ study sites, 5M+ trial subjects, 1.5B+ images, and 45B+ patient data points.

This wealth of data assets and our unified approach to clinical study conduct allows you to do more to drive study successes, accelerate go/no-go decisions, significantly shrink database lock to submission time, and prepare for the next-generation of clinical trials focused on precision medicine.

Don't be left behind. Learn about the trends for the clinical trials of tomorrow.

In this NEXT NYC 2019 Session on “Trends for the Clinical Trial of Tomorrow”, panelists engage in a thought-provoking discussion on new approaches to conducting and executing a study, technologies to be considering for these new approaches and how they play a part in helping the industry achieve its ultimate objectives.