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Medidata EMEA Apprenticeship Program within Professional Services in the UK

Nov 01, 2022 - 3 min read
Medidata EMEA Apprenticeship Program within Professional Services in the UK

Medidata recently launched an apprenticeship program within the Professional Services (PS) team in the UK. The PS team are the experts that deeply understand the needs of Medidata’s customers and how to execute them. Medidata’s customers leverage Professional Services to fully maximize the value of the Medidata platform, through both consultation and implementation.

As an apprentice, young individuals work alongside experienced employees on clinical trial implementation assignments, helping to deliver projects to Medidata’s customers. Set as a three-year program, individuals will get feedback along the way with appropriate coaching, training, and support to help achieve longer-term career goals.

Some highlights of Medidata’s apprenticeship program include:

  • During the first year, apprentices will simultaneously work towards a Data Technician Level 3 qualification through a third party apprenticeship partner, Multiverse, in their Digital Business Accelerator Program.
  • In the workplace, apprentices will learn about Medidata, including cutting-edge clinical trial technology, the latest innovative solutions driving clinical research, and the supportive and fun culture.
  • After a year, apprentices will transition into a role as an Associate Implementation Consultant and begin to rotate through different teams and departments to gain further knowledge about the clinical trials industry and understand Medidata’s role as a market leader.

This three-year program is structured to give individuals the foundations needed to build a career within the PS team at Medidata, including positions like Implementation Consultant, Project Manager, and Technical Specialist.

Anil Tailor, Senior Director of Implementation Consulting at Medidata, who is leading the program noted:

“For the past five years, Medidata’s Professional Services team has invested in a Graduate talent program by recruiting highly talented and motivated individuals into a two-year graduate scheme. This has proven hugely successful and rewarding. This year, we have partnered with our CSR and HR partners and, along with Multiverse, we have developed an Apprenticeship scheme for school and college leavers. This program gives the opportunity to offer a unique work experience for young, talented individuals who decided University was not for them—an opportunity for them to learn, grow, and develop every day surrounded by Medidata’s best consultants and professionals who they can shadow, have as mentors and learn on the job with a dedicated training plan.

The PS team and I are pleased to have our new apprentices join us and we are excited to watch their skills and, more importantly, their careers grow.”

Hear from our current apprentices about their experience so far:

Jordon Ricketts:

My name is Jordon and, so far, I have spent one month working as an apprentice on the PS EMEA team. Stepping into a corporate environment with so many experienced professionals was quite overwhelming, but the team in the Hammersmith office made me feel so welcome and settled. I’ve also been enjoying the office a lot. The pool table is my favorite spot, as well as the pot of chocolates at the front desk! The social events are great too. Even though I can be quite timid at times, these events are great for networking with other employees in the workspace. Gradually, I’ve settled in well and my time at Medidata has been good. I am looking forward to working more with this team.

Georgi Georgiev:

Jordon and I are Medidata’s first apprentices within the PS team in London. It has been a fun first month, that's for sure. Everything is still very new to me, but I’m slowly getting used to it as there is still a lot of training to be done. I spent a year studying Computer Science and realized that it was not for me, as it was mainly theoretical stuff and also in the background I was accumulating a huge debt. Therefore I chose the route of apprenticeship. So far, I am loving my time at Medidata and everyone on my team has been very supportive and helpful.


To learn more about the apprenticeship program and Medidata’s career opportunities, reach out to Andrew Bott and visit Medidata’s Careers page.

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