Virtual Trials

Rave Virtual Trials

Whether your trial is all or partially virtual, your data is totally integrated.

Only Virtual Trials has the capability to support trials on a spectrum from partially virtual to totally virtual to on-site only. Whether you’re just beginning to integrate mobile health components like wearables or eConsent, or planning trials that will run 100% remotely, Virtual Trials captures data wherever your patient is, and seamlessly, securely integrates it into your clinical system.

More flexibility in virtual trials means more ease and efficiency for you and your patients.

As virtual as you want to be

You’re in control with Virtual trials “Trial Dial,” which allows you to conduct trials on-site, virtually, or as a hybrid of the two. No other platform lets you create the right balance of site-based visits and virtual visits for lowered costs and maximum study efficiency and data quality.

A single source of data

Streamline data management and reduce operational costs with a holistic patient engagement platform that easily merges into your eClinical system for a unified data source. Integrated with Rave EDC, the Medidata platform meets all analytic, regulatory, and compliance requirements.

Improve engagement and compliance

Create the ultimate patient-centric protocols, alleviating the patient burden and easing patient recruitment challenges. With Virtual trials, the data follows the patient rather than the other way around, bringing a new and unmatched level of convenience to clinical trials.

Virtual trials Wins Scrip Award for Best Sponsor-Focused Technological Development in Clinical Trials.