Rave Commercial Imaging

Rave Commercial Imaging

Become an integral part of your physicians’ practices through an easy to deploy collaboration tool for medical imaging.

Put your team in the middle of physicians’ day-to-day operations by providing rapid access to medical images and case notes, secure, compliant exchange of photos and other patient information, live video collaboration, and complete pre-surgical planning management. All on any network and any device.

Reduce human error by automating the complex image transfer, edit checking and distribution process and evaluate and qualify patients prior to surgery.

Custom Device Manufacturing

Acquire medical images and other clinical data, as well as manage the approval workflows, to facilitate custom device manufacturing.

General Image Sharing

Securely exchange medical images between sites and eliminate the need to burn CDs. Includes web uploads, direct from PACS DICOM pushes, and HL7 capabilities.

Patient Qualification

Utilize the Rave Medical Imaging platform to acquire medical images and clinical data and present to a screening committee or individual physicians.

Power all tele-medicine activities on a single platform including medical image exchange, live video consults, clinical data collaboration, and more.