Medidata Patient Insights

The life science industry frequently uses patient centricity as a buzzword, but promoting the idea of patient centricity without action dilutes the term’s meaning and frustrates patients. Patients are the end-users of clinical trial solutions, and the best experiences for patients ultimately bring the most value for everyone involved in running clinical trials. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, open communication with patients is now more important than ever.

Patient Insights is the process by which the patient perspective is infused into the software development life cycle to create technical solutions that improve the overall patient experience in clinical research operations.


myMedidata is a single-destination patient portal built on the industry’s leading Rave EDC, in use at more clinical research sites globally than any other system. With myMedidata, patients can use any online device to virtually learn, enroll and participate in clinical trial activities. This offers a streamlined and trusted approach to virtualizing clinical trials.

myMedidata was designed using Medidata’s Patient Insights framework.

Patient Design Studios

As part of our Patient Centricity by Design (PCbD) Initiative, Medidata holds Patient Design Studios to help patients become active participants in the clinical research process.

Patient Design Studios help evaluate our software development life cycle process for key points of patient inclusion.