Rave eCOA

Rave eCOA

Trials from anywhere, anytime, with mobile data direct from the source—the patient.

Give patients the power to report via phones and tablets they already use every day for more powerful and accurate data in your trial. And since Rave eCOA is part of the Rave architecture, data seamlessly integrates right into your eClinical system, reducing cost and accelerating study time, while remaining totally compliant.

Reduced SDV, and a 50-75% decrease in CRFs. That’s a big increase in efficiency.

One platform, fewer headaches

Rave eCOA is eSource that’s backed by the Rave EDC architecture, providing one unified solution with inspection-ready audit trails to eliminate the need for multiple vendors, complex set-ups, multiple log-ins or expensive, error-prone manual data integration. Our dedicated team of experts provides best practices, training and enablement services.

Leading Edge Technology

Available in bring-your-own or provisioned devices, one app handles multiple studies on Android or iOS, with centralized cloud-based administration. Patients can skip setting up individual accounts, they can log in via touch or facial recognition, and they can use dynamic, personalized medication diaries to increase accurate reporting.

Configurable Libraries

Start your study faster and lower your costs, with our vast, configurable libraries, including screenshots, translations and study builds. Medidata partners with our customer base to aggregate and reuse validated instruments across therapeutic areas and indications. It’s all catalogued and ready for you to pick up and plug in.

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