Medidata Clinical Cloud

The Operating System for Life Sciences™

The Medidata Clinical Cloud - your platform for clinical research.

The Medidata Clinical Cloud™ is our cutting-edge platform that transforms the clinical trial experience for patients, sponsors, CROs, and research sites. As the only unified technology platform dedicated to clinical research, the Medidata Clinical Cloud addresses the holistic research process from start to finish.

Our platform helps life science and medical device organizations cut development costs, mitigate risks, and deliver treatments and devices to market faster. Built on a flexible and highly-scalable architecture, the Medidata Clinical Cloud works seamlessly with your existing systems and can easily support small Phase I studies through large global programs.

All of Medidata’s clinical trial solutions are all part of the platform. No matter which products you choose for your clinical trial program, you will have access to the power of the Medidata Clinical Cloud.

Co-founder Glen de Vries gives a demo of the Medidata Clinical Cloud

At Medidata, we’re leading the digital transformation of clinical research, so you can bring therapies and devices to market faster. Powered by  artificial intelligence, machine learning  and advanced analytics, our platform brings researchers, study managers, investigators, and patients together to accelerate the science and business of research.

Patient Data Capture


Experience the ease of a full-service electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment solution with one login, one app, one device, and one database.


Obtain regulatory-compliant, patient-friendly electronic informed consent for clinical trials.


Enable patients to virtually enroll and participate in clinical trial activities, using an intuitive, web-based patient portal, reducing the need for physical site visits.

Sensor Cloud

Run more flexible, patient-centric trials through rapid sensor integration, data ingestion and digital biomarker discovery.
Rave Data Management

Rave EDC

Capture, cleanse, manage and report clinical and operational data in a single data source for more efficient trial execution.

Rave Coder

Streamline coding workflow and consolidate data, queries, and reconciliation, backed by a pioneering machine learning algorithm.

Rave Imaging

Transform your medical image management by optimizing workflows, reducing manual steps and query rates and increasing visibility across trials with technology that works with any network, any image format and any data set.


Accelerate study start, eliminate reconciliation and reduce risk with a 100-percent configurable randomization and trial supply management solution.

Rave Safety Gateway

Automate adverse event data collection, tracking, and transmission to safety systems to reduce errors, improve safety, and shorten time.

Site Cloud: End of Study

Get rid of physical media and paper and seamlessly generate, distribute and manage site study files at the end of your study through a secure and trusted unified platform.
Clinical Operations


Manage clinical workflows and surface actionable insights so that you can complete your studies on time and on budget.

Rave eTMF

Unify content, data, and workflows in a fully configured electronic Trial Master File management system.

Grants Manager

Manage the entire investigator grant life-cycle of your clinical trials from budget development to site budget negotiations and amendments, all with access to the industry’s largest database of clinical benchmarks and costs.

Site Payments

Accelerate payment cycle times for global sites, improve financial accuracy with the ability to handle complex site budgets and obtain complete visibility and transparency of the financial health of your trials.

Design Optimizer

Optimize your protocol design to reduce inefficiencies and site and patient burden.

Study Feasibility

Objectively identify the highest performing sites for your study.


Simplifies the detection of errors, trends and anomalies in study data to improve data quality and ensure patient safety.

Remote Source Review

Reduce the need for on-site document review with secure, remote monitoring of critical source documents.

Risk Management

Identify and manage the risks most important for your trial’s success.


Simplify and streamline the data verification process without sacrificing compliance or data quality.

Trial Assurance

Be sure you haven’t missed any data quality issues before regulatory submission.
Acorn AI | Advanced Data and Analytics

Integrated Evidence

Advanced analytics combined with our unparalleled clinical trial database are designed to enhance insights, accelerate approval and increase your probability of success.

Intelligent Trials

Gain a competitive edge in trial planning and execution through our clinical trial analytics solution

Commercial Data Solutions

Maximize pharmaceutical brand success with powerful commercial data management and insights, accelerating launch to peak.

Connected Patient Platform

Enable collaboration and precision in patient care by connecting to our new digital health data management ecosystem.