The Medidata Rave Clinical Cloud

The Medidata Rave Clinical Cloud

Accelerate the business of research with the eclinical platform that’s powerfully patient-centric.

Reduce cost, time-to-market, and risk with our unified platform combining pioneering analytics with unrivalled expertise. Integrated processes, improved collaboration and the flexibility for real innovation can transform your research—and patient lives.

Co-founder Glen de Vries gives a tour of the Medidata ecosystem in this demo video

At Medidata, we’re leading the digital transformation of clinical science, so you can lead therapies to market faster, and smarter. Using AI and advanced analytics, our platform brings data managers, clinical operations, investigators, and patients together to accelerate the science and business of research.

Data Capture

Rave EDC

Capture, manage and report patient data, including unified EDC, CDMS and lab administration features.

Rave eCOA

Easily configure questionnaires without custom development so there’s no questioning the results.

Rave Patient Cloud

We capture the patient's voice from before consenting through the conclusion of a trial and unify it with clinical data on our regulatory compliant platform.

Rave Imaging

Make imaging workflow more efficient and more reliable.

Rave Wearable Sensors

A proven and regulatory-compliant way to integrate data from biosensors and wearables.

Rave Virtual Trials

Capture data wherever your patient is, and seamlessly, securely integrates it into your clinical system.

Rave eConsent

Improve the patient trial experience with electronic informed consent technology.
Data Management


Accurately and efficiently randomize patients and supply treatments.

Rave Safety Gateway

Reduce errors and protect patients by automating adverse events.

Rave Coder

Code with speed and consistency across multiple EDCs.
Trial Planning

Rave Study Design

Optimize your study to reduce inefficiencies and site/patient burden.

Rave Site Grants

Use industry benchmarks to make sure you don’t over or under pay sites.

Rave Study Feasibility

Accurately identify the highest performing sites for your study.


With Rave TSDV, study teams can design, configure and execute a reduced SDV strategy while maintaining 100% coverage of critical safety or efficacy data
Trial Management

Rave Site Payments

Easily pay all of your sites accurately and on time.

Rave RBM

Get immediate insight into clinical trial-site performance and data quality.


Efficiently plan conduct, and monitor every aspect of your study.

Rave eTMF

Unify content, data, and workflow in a comprehensive TMF management platform

Rave Trial Assurance

Ensure that your study is ready for regulatory submission.

Rave RCM

The first end-to-end content and data collaboration platform that actively maintains inspection readiness.

Rave Perform

See how your performance objectively stacks up against your peers.

Rave Reporter

Report on multiple studies from a single source, enabling deeper insights.

Rave Synthetic Control Arm

Build synthetic control arms using Medidata’s vast pool of historical trial data.

Rave Omics

Upload genomic data and seamlessly link to your clinical data.

Adopting a sophisticated design emphasizing the patient experience and using Rave eCOA/ePRO Patient Cloud’s intuitive interface ensured the highest data consistency.

Gerald Neveu
Data Manager, Danone Nutricia Research